TR 2016-2017 New Library Books (video)


Parents and Community please take note: 

These new books and all books in the Twin Rivers Elementary library are available for student checkout during the school year and during summer school.



Allstar Sportstories

The final cut Bowen, Fre

Full court fever Bowen, Fre

The golden glove Bowen, Fre

The kid coach Bowen, Fre

Off the rim Bowen, Fre

Playoff dreams Bowen, Fre

Winners take all Bowen, Fre

Almost home Bauer, Joa




Amulet. Book five,Prince Kibuishi

Amulet. Book four,The las Kibuishi

Amulet. Book one,The ston Kibuishi1

Amulet. Book three,The cl Kibuishi

Amulet. Book two,The ston Kibuishi

Any questions? Gay, Marie

Baby Bear counts one Wolff, Ash

Big bug Cole, Henr

Blizzard Rocco, Joh

The blood guard Roy, Carte

Capture the flag Messner, K

Circle, square, Moose Bingham, K

Count the monkeys Barnett,

The Desperate Adventures Kelley, Ja

Diary of a fly Cronin, Do

Diary of a spider Cronin, Do



Diary Of A Wimp

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : ca Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : do Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : Gr Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : ha Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : Ro Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : th Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : th Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : th Kinney, Je

Diary of a wimpy kid : th Kinney, Je

Diary of a worm Cronin, Do

Dinosaur kisses Stein, Dav

Doll bones Black, Hol

Don't push the button! Cotter, Bi

Dory Fantasmagory Hanlon, Ab

Draw! Colon, Rau

Duke Larson, Ki

Extraordinary Jane Harrison

The farmer and the clown Frazee, Ma

Force out Green,

Ginger Klimo, Kat

The great trouble : a mys Hopkinson

Half a chance Lord, Cynt

The homemade stuffing cap Madormo, J

I love my white shoes Litwin, Er

King of the mound : my su Tooke, Wes

Kizzy Ann Stamps Watts, Jer

Let's get cracking! Marko, Cyn

Libby of High Hopes Primavera,

Listening for Lucca LaFleur, S

May B. : a novel Rose, Caro

Morris Micklewhite and th Baldacchin

A mutiny in time Dashner, J

My bus Barton, By

Nancy knows Young, Cyb

Not in love Adderson

Old MacDonald had a farm

Once upon an alphabet Jeffers,

Open this little book Klausmeier

Ophelia and the marvelous Foxlee, Ka

Press here Tullet, He

The princess in black Hale, Shan

Rain reign Martin, An

Rebel McKenzie Ransom, Ca

Share Garland

A sick day for Amos McGee Stead, Phi

Sisters Telgemeier

Take away the A Escoffier,

A tangle of knots Graff, Lis

Tap the magic tree Matheson

That is not a good idea! Willems, M

This is a moose Morris, Ri

We are in a book! Willem